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Hoarse voice solution (there is no better solution so far) only for headsets with fm radio

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Hello everyone. I was testing all possible configurations to get traffic data on, music on and voice guidance with clear voice in the same time and i think i found possible solution. It is gonna work only for those which are lucky enough to have bluetooth headsets with integrated fm radio. I've noticed that hoarse voice only occurs when tomtom is connected to the headset thru low quality HSP connection (at least in my case). When i use A2DP there is no hoarse voice. It is not possible to listen to music from the phone via a2dp and have a2dp enabled in tomtom as well. Music from the phone taking priority and no voice over instructions coming to the headset. My idea is to mix fm radio with A2DP tomtom connection voice. It is working perfectly. Sound is crystal clear even with data connection on.

So what we need:

Headset with bt and fm radio (and preferably parallel audio streaming so you can mix audio from 2 devices - then it will lower volume of the music to play tomtom voices instead disabling music completely during voice instruction)
3.5mm jack fm transmitter

My configuration looks like that:

Tomtom Rider 550
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Scala Freecom 4
cheap fm 3.5mm jack transmitter from ebay

In that configuration i have data on, voice from tomtom on (crystal clear), music from the phone. This solution can help at least some of us until tomtom release a solution (which i doubt will ever happen).... I made short video showing a working solution. Sorry for bad quality.

What you guys think?
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