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Intermediate Stops on the 550

marcop1952marcop1952 Posts: 45 [Legendary Explorer]
edited January 2019 in RIDER
In the new Rider 550, can intermediate stops be placed between the start and final destination, and will they show as Stops and not waypoints?
At present, on the Rider 400, all stops show up as waypoints, except for the final destination.


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,698

    I prefer to use .ITN files for my routes
    Here's my Method/Workaround to generate .ITN Routes using the MyDrive Web Route planner...


    Example 19 Stop Test....
    A Solid Arrow Filename Marker in MyRoute = .ITN Route
    The Rider 4xx & 5xx
    You can of course use Tyre2Travel, the MyRoute App or other online Route planners like ITN Converter to generate .ITN Routes... But they use Tomtoms MDW Route planner in the transfer process, which will only transfer .GPX tracks, so Tyre2Travel the MyRoute App or ITN Converter generated .ITN Routes are transferd via....
    (1)...Tomtoms Easy Route Transfer and the PC filing system
    (2)...Micro SDHC Card


  • AndersNordhAndersNordh Posts: 276 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hi, the only option to distinguish between different type of waypoints or stopovers seem to be using .itn files as YFM say.

    .itn file
    1318381|5558200|Here we go ...|4|
    1318318|5568004|Getting gas|0|
    1285419|5619428|A nice break|0|
    1286710|5669364|And finally there|2|

    Here the last field is used for categorizing the information where 0=ordinary waypoint, 1=inactivated waypoint, 2=visible waypoint, shown as stopover or destination, 3=Inactive waypoint and 4=Starting point. From that the GPS manufactures may show the different categories as they chose.

    If we look in the GPX 1.1 file you will have both a track and a route saved within the same file.

    If you chose to use the route option when starting your ride the information look like this.

    Here the only difference between the waypoints are "ViaPoint" for start/destination and "ShapingPoint" which is used for "shaping" the route. If the shaping points are stopovers or not, the GPS would never know.

    The track option in the GPX 1.1 file contain even less information where the point you've placed your self and the intermediate points created by the software you use to create routes are all mixed so here there is nothing at all for the GPS to work with.

    Sorry for a long post, but hope it helps in understanding how the GPS files work.

    Have a nice day.

  • marcop1952marcop1952 Posts: 45 [Legendary Explorer]
    I see your 19 stops, but if you set one of those as an Intermediate Stop/Destination, will Tomtom announce it as "You have reached your destination" or "You have reached your waypoint"?
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,698

    Unlike the previous Rider devices the Rider 4xx & 5xx devices do not differentiate between .ITN Route Hard & Soft Stops/Waypoints...

    The device will announce at each waypoint whether its an actual Stop for say Lunch/Fuel or a route modifying waypoint...

    The device will announce "You have reached your waypoint" plus an address/location (If the MDW Route planner has recognised it as an actual address/location)

    It doesn't bother me announcing every waypoint , but it drives some users mad

  • marcop1952marcop1952 Posts: 45 [Legendary Explorer]
    Thank you.
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