Rider 550 nad iphone connection

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Has anyone been able to connect the 550 and iPhone successfully to get calls?

I had a rider 400 and could never get it to connect properly to my iphone but could listen to music from a bluetooth MP3 player. I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to 550. Wish I hadn't. I still cannot get it to connect to my phone for calls. I have an iPhone 7 and sena bluetooth headset. I also cannot get the rider to accept the data connection through Bluetooth. The only data connection I can get is by tethering it to through my wifi hotspot on the phone. If I connect my phone to my headset and my rider to my headset I can answer phone and listen to music but there is no indication of texts and calls on the tomtom. If I connect the phone by Bluetooth to he phone and mydrive app then I sometimes get an an announcement of the call can answer it but the sound and mike are not routed to the phone from the headset. Also I cannot play music through the phone. I also cannot connect my Bluetooth mp3 player as this would be a 3rd connection. At least before with the rider 400 the phone was connected through the tomtom to the headset leaving the other connection free.


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    @David Field

    See Tomtom videos....
    Pairing a headset with both a smartphone and your Rider 500/550

    Making hands-free calls with your Rider 500/550

  • David Field
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    I'm afraid I have tried all that and it still doesn't work. As soon as I connect the phone to the tomtom I lose the audio through the head set for the phone
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    me too. same problem. No music. Sometimes I can get Siri to talk to me. Sometimes
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    Also the same. If I tether, I can get phone calls but can't listen music. It is difficult to setup.
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    also the same here its not posible either my drive app doesen´t support it.