Golfer 2 App missing

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I recently needed to deinstalled my Golfer2 app on my iPad and reinstall. It appears that the Golfer2 app is no longer available and I need to use the generic Sports app, this does not have all the features of the Golfer 2 app and is painfully slow.

can I get the Golfer2 app back?


  • lampard
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    Hi Mark454allen,

    Welcome to the Community!

    The Golfer app is discontinued. Please see this discussion thread here:

    What features you think are missing from the Sports App?

    Cheers, lampard
  • Golf_1999
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    Unfortunately Mark, the discontinuation of the golf-specific app was when everything got worse for the Golfer 2. The app will probably never work as well again, and be prepared to get stuck in an incredibly frustrating reset loop where you will start to think that your actual watch has become absolutely useless. That is fixable, but not straightforward and the problem may recur. On mine, it has just recurred.
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    Lampard was not telling all, TomTom has decided to drop all wearable business and concentrate to make only sat-nav products. They don't care about golf anymore. I'm quite sure that nothing gets fixed anymore.

    Lampard can comment if he has more accurate information..
  • Plascoch
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    I think that @MarttiP is correct on TomTom USA website all golfer products are "no longer available" when this happens the support disappears. I have had the watch for only 5 months. Despite many attempts to get TomTom to fix some of the bugs there has been no action its a waste of time to post in this forum as nothing will happen to fix any problems.

    I will take the watch back for a refund to the shop I bought it from next time I return to the UK. It would be nice if they just admitted that nothing would happen then we could all take the watches back for a refund.