Error connecting TomTom carminat Live to my account

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I have bought a car that has installed a Carminat TomTom Live for France and I want to purchase from TomTom home the map for Full Europe. I can't proceed to payment because of this error. How can I link this device to my new created account? I'm not given any button to do that. ( pls see the screenshot below) Thank youaf8a2668-ab44-4b4f-81af-6cc4ae74b169.png

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  • andreeacgold
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    I managed to link the device to my account. I don't know how, I've simply retried and it worked. Now, I have this error about proceeding my payment. Any idea what to do about it?8d806718-e595-4f30-b32b-f45699079954.png
  • VikramK
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    Hi andreeacgold

    I would suggest that you try ordering the map on the Ireland webshop, link below:

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    Hello VikramK. Ireland shop wants an address to buy.
    And you cannot buy if you do not have address in Ireland.
    I am trying from Bulgaria btw.