Lots of attempts, but as soon as I ask for whether others have the same problem, it does connect

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I have found that the instructions are confusing because they are designed for another Windows operating system other than Windows 10, and need to be updated to be be used by those of us with W10. Leaving that aside, as I have said before I have powered on W10 and Off, and on and Off, Done a restart etc. To no avail. But this morning after struggling all evening from the afternoon on Saturday. On trying to shut down W10 which I had gone into at first thing, and tried to update these drivers things. God knows what drivers I was updating, becauseit told me that theywere unavailable. And then would not allow me to cancel the search for these drivers until they were available. And then would not allow me to shut my computer down. So in the end I pulled the power to the desk top, after waiting what seemed like forever waiting for that damn stupid rotating circle of dots in W10 saying shutting down. But nothing happening because it was still tryingto find these drivers that were not available. On going back into W10, I tried my DriveConnect signed in, still had the two updates awaiting, me. Still had the notice that my device was not connected. I then connected my start 20 exactly as I had been doing many times since yesterday afternoon. Gobsmacked, it my device connected, clicked on the updates and they loaded this time. Am at a loss to understand why, grateful that it did update, but baffled as to why it did not load before. I would like to say that I am a happy Henry, but that would not be true.