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For over a year there have been posts saying that POI files will work on ipad/iphone 'soon'. But nothing happens. This is a critical feature that was in the old pre-GO app and has disappeared. I have POI files of all the cave diving sites in Australia - but cant get them into the new (GO MOBILE) app unless I enter each one separately.
We now have integration with myDrive - if I add a single POI to myDrive it syncs and appears on my iPad. Good.
But if I load a POI file in MyDrive (on a PC) it never appears on the iPad.
When will this feature be coming?
It is very frustrating to nearly have the right solution but now quite...and it has been going on for a very long time!


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    Hi scubaal,

    I only use an iPhone and don't use an iPad but you can try using a third party app called POIViewer by FrenchKiss Development.

    POIViewer is a POI management tool that can send instructions to TomTom GO (and other SatNav iOS apps) to route to your POI.

    I find POIViewer indispensable!