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SD card not working-Tomtom Carminat Renault LIVE

MikeuccinoMikeuccino Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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Hi, I plugged my TomTom SD card into my computer (Mac) and it was working fine. I plugged it in yesterday and it had a weird device name and was blank inside. I’ve wiped the SD card through Disc Utility (using FAT32). Tomtom Home won’t recognise the SD card plugged in. I’ve tried putting the SD card into car and it has a loading symbol on for a few seconds and then loads. But nothing goes onto the SD card. I’ve also got a backup of the SD card prewipe. TomTom HOME won’t recognise it still and the application that Tomtom says to remove when SD card not working isn’t on. Anyone know how to solve this problem and get it working again?

thank you
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