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After having upgraded to the last critical update ( version ) I always get "device not connected" (device is actually the SDHC Card). If I click the TomTom icon on the task bar the device looks connected, but not in the main windows and I cannot update, save and buy the last revision of the map. I have tried on six computers I have at home running under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 using either different cards and card readers (two different ones) and also the embedded card reader slot of any computer but without any result. Always not connected. Can anybody give me any suggestion to work out the problem?
I did not have any problem with the previous software release versions.
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    If you are still having that same problem, maybe you can "recreate" this card.
    Get a good SD card (they are so cheap today) format it and put in your cars SD card slot. Start the navigation system as usual and give it a couple minutes - you wil be greeted with message that no maps are found. Then use menu to safely eject SD card and go to the computer. Your Tomtom Home should detect your card, recognise your navigation version and offer to get everything onto the card. Also, make sure to download latest TomTom Home so that you have fresh software. If you have updated maps before, they are tied to your headunit and therefore you can change sd cards as mutch as you like, just no bigger than 4Gb if I am not mistaken.