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Hi, I rarely use my TOMTOM and in fact have not used it for about 3 years. I have updated the software today and backed it up etc. I then bought the french maps and paid for them. I have plugged my TOMTOM XL in and it said that it was downloading the maps. However I now can not change from any country other than GB and Ireland. Does this mean my device cannot have french maps? If so how do I contact TOMTOM for a refund. Or am I doing something incredibly stupid?


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    Contact Customer Services to check the status of your order and claim a refund if necessary, but be aware when you phone Customer Services do NOT say what device you have until you are actually talking to a representative.

    This because TomTom are trying to filter out calls for devices that they no longer support for repairs and will point you back to the forum to find an answer :(

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    Fantastic thanks