Wrong speed when open training on strava or relieve.

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Hello! I use my tomtom runner to register my kitesurf training sessions. In tomtom sports app the speed information is correct, but when strava or relieve automaticaly get data, the speed is wrong, very wrong. For example, my maxspeed in tomtom sports is 55,08Km/h, in strava 79,6km/h. In older firmware versions this not happens. Only after firmware/software updates this issue occurs. Can you have some tip or sugestion to correct this issue?


  • tfarabaugh
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    Since the watch was not intended for kitesurfing, TT may cap the max speed at something reasonable for running or cycling (the supported activities). I also may have a hard time calculating the proper speed at those high speeds. Another thing to consider is that every site or platform has a different way of handling the data it imports. Some take the data as is while others reprocess it and apply their own calculations and smoothing algorithms to it. This second instance will result in discrepancies between the watch and the site, causing issues like you are seeing. Strava in particular reanalyzes and scrubs the data. There is no way to correct the issue.

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