Green alternative turns out to be my original track

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I have had an issue with the 'alternative' Green route on several occasions now when riding a track. The last time this happened was after a short pause to fill up the tank. When the device came back from sleep mode there was suddenly 1h45 added to my arrival time. A bit later a faster green 'alternative' was proposed which pretty much deducted that added time again. I followed the 'alternative' and when i came home i double-checked and the 'alternative' route turned out to be my original track.

First of all i don't understand why the device would suggest alternatives when i am riding a track. The whole purpose of a track is to ride exactly as planned. And secondly i understand even less why my track is suddenly changed by the device in the middle of my ride.


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    Your comment is interesting as I experienced a similar situation yesterday.
    I went to the wrong start point for a group run. As no one was there I loaded the track and caught up with the others some 40 miles further on but what it did not do was to take me to the official start point first but clearly took me a different way to pick up the track.
    I only learnt this on returning to the correct start point some 290 miles later.
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    Now that you mention this, when it last happened, the gas station where i turned off my Tomtom Rider was a little bit off the track (only like 50 meters though). So it does seem indeed that it did some strange recalculation thing when re-opening the track.
    The weird thing is though that i immediately went back on the track and the proposal for the 'alternative' route only happened some 25 kilometers further down the track. And for those 25 kilometers i was on the original correct track.