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Tomtom Rider 2nd Ed. Opening the dock.

BugslayerBugslayer Posts: 13 [Master Explorer]
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One of the 4 little gold pins on my bike dock needs repair/replacement. I have the Torx security bit to open the back of the charging plate, if I could only get at it! Does anyone know how to remove the little silver hinge pins that hold the plate in the cup of the dock?


  • RichaudRichaud Posts: 13 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I did it 6 years ago when I accidentaly burned the dock. Had to buy a new one and thought I might as well could open it so see.. I could open it but in the process you will destroy the dock. And if I recall you can't change the pins due to the way it's manufactured.
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    You can remove the hinge pin by gently grinding away the plastic housing at the end of the pin and using thin wire to push the hinge pin out. You may get away with only doing one end.
    I have a spare mount for a rider2 as I now have a 400 and have sold the old unit
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