how do i stop mydrive starting up when i turn my comp on ?

Speed Demon
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i am new to the site & just downloaded mydrive on my comp there must be something simple on the site that i am missing ? or do i need to go into comp settings ?


  • Niall
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    @Speed Demon

    Right click on the MyDriveConnect (MDC) icon in the Windows Taskbar reporting area, when it comes up click on the 'cogwheel'. Now click on 'Settings' and on the 'General' tab untick the box: "Start MyDrive Connect when the computer starts (recommended)". Then click 'Save settings'.

    To now close down MDC, reclick on Taskbar icon and cogwheel, this time click 'Quit'. In future to start it up you will need to ensure you have a TomTom MDC icon on the desktop or taskbar to click on.