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how can I put a route into my tom tom rider 450 from a mac using my drive

Timbuck2Timbuck2 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
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I cannot work this out, I do the route on My Drive and it won't transfer to the tom tom 450, very frustrating!


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,429

    You are logged into MyDrive on the device ???
    NAV4 devices... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Tomtom Services... MyDrive
    NAV5(Wi-fi) devices.... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> MyDrive

  • Timbuck2Timbuck2 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]

    Thanks for helping

    Yes I'm logged in on both the mac and the tom tom 450, I've also switched on share this route with my devices but none of the routes ive done on the computer are transferring ?

    Perhaps the 450 has a problem??

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,429

    Are you using 'Send to Device' transfer method

    The 'Send to Device' quite literally means send the planned .ITN Route to the device
    it doesn't store the route in MyRoutes

    See this thread.... For using .ITN Routes

    Also see this post.... for using .GPX Tracks

    Also try....

    I find it best for the initial syncing to be over USB Cable, the transfer is almost instant, especially large .Ov2 files or large numbers of POI files (I run 107 POI on my devices)
    (1)... You will need your device connected to you PC via a Tomtom USB cable...
    (2)... MyDriveConnect running in the background
    (3)... The MyDriveRoute Planner running, to be able to add whatever data you want to synchronize across you device/s
    (4)... If you have multiple devices you can only connect one device at a time over USB... Each device must be logged into the MyDrive menu on the device with the same Email address and Password that you used for the MyDriveConnect account

    The Menu path to log into MyDrive on the devices.....
    NAV4 devices............ MyDrive Menu path = (....Menu) > Tomtom Services > MyDrive
    NAV5 Wifi devices.... MyDrive Menu path = (....Menu) > Settings > MyDrive

    The MyDriveRoute Planner HERE...

  • Timbuck2Timbuck2 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]

    Thank you

    The work around seems to work although long winded, I can't understand why it says on my drive sync this route as a track in my devices, and then doesn't work.

    Very odd, if I were to buy another navigator this would be a deciding factor for me i think


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,429

    Which do you prefer .ITN or .GPX ???
    The Save & Sync works fine here for .GPX Tracks to my Rider 400 & Rider 550

    There are also Web Browser based 3rd party Route planners (OK on a Mac) e.g... The MyRoute App or ITN Converter....

    If you use a 3rd party Route planners and execute a direct transfer to your Rider 4xx/5xx, the Tomtom MyDrive Route planner is used in the transfer process and will only transfer .GPX files...
    But if you save the the trip to your Desktop you can use one of the options below... to transfer .ITN or .GPX files

    I like the Free, slightly quirky, but very good ITN Converter
    ITN Converter has a huge number of Map types including the Tomtom Routes Map, the ITN Converter also Saves/Exports a huge number of route file types, it will also export straight to the Tomtoms MyDrive Route planner...

    The ITN Converter is quirky because it uses It uses two Windows, one with all the save/export options the other, being the "Editor Window" where you plan your routes
    Get ITN Converter here...

    I think the ITN Converters ViaMichelin and the Nokia OVI Maps appear to be a good match to Tomtom Maps
    There is a Tomtom Map but the zoom level is a little restricted

    Edit...The Zoom levels on the Tomtom Maps have improved quite a lot since the last time I used ITN Converter

    Other options for loading Trips onto the device....
    The Rider 400 will give you direct access to a small 50MB partition of the Rider4xx internal memory and if fitted your Micro SD Card, you can drag & drop you're .ITN or .GPX route files directly to the Rider 400 Memory or the Memory card over a secure system

    To transfer a .ITN or .GPX route file/s to your NAV4 device using a Micro SD Memory Card

    Transferring a route to my PC using Bluetooth (Or a Micro SD Card)
    (.... Menu) --> MyRoutes --> Share Tracks --> select the Recorded Route
    --> Tap Share --> Choose Memory card or Bluetooth --> Follow the on-screen prompts to completion....

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