Problems with MapShare?

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MapShare updates were usually very frequent, but during the latest weeks I see no update at all available when I connect my device to MyDrive Connect (I have a GO 500).

Also, I tried to report a map correction using the online tool at and I always get that the report was unsuccessful and hence not sent (not explaining why), asking to retry again later. I suspect that both problems are related.

I can successfully report corrections through my GO 500 device UI, but I can't know of course if those reports will ever be delivered to TomTom or not.

Anybody can tell what is going on?



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    Support probably has the best idea … maybe:

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    So are you seeing MapShare updates regularly for your device during these days?
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    I have four reports pending. 3 date back to May this year and I have added another today and in fact could have added more, but as it took 2 years to get TT to rectify their programming for a set of SPECS cameras on the A12 in Essex, I really doubt just how much weight they put on these MapShare reports either.
    To say it is disheartening in trying to improve the data is an understatement.
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    Yesterday I received a small MapShare update, so at least I can say updates are coming again. Maybe it's just the summer period the cause of so less frequent updates.
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