EV charge point- How to download them?

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On the website Tom Tom launches EV charge point POI, but how do you download them?


  • [Gelöschter Benutzer]
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    … available in MyDrive.

  • $DVB
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    @EthoZ, how did you do that? I cannot reproduce this search in MyDrive beta mode...
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    doesnt it work when you type the City name and "electric" or electric vehicle"
    Here an example with Amsterdamapfcimwmm7iu.jpg
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    That looks cool, but can TomTom Go 520 do both of the following things:
    1. Find a closest charging point of compatible type
    2. Plan a trip according to my vehicle range along the charging points?
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    Did you work out how to do this? I'm stuck trying!
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    I know how to insert certain charging points manually. But that's impossible for a whole trip of say 1000 km.
    So, can I show all the charging points along my planned trip automatically (just like the petrol stations now) ? And how do I do this?