MyDrive - missing Gas Stations

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I am planning a new route with TomTom MyDrive.
My ride is dependent on where it is possible to fill gas during my nonstop-ride.
How can I activate the map to show gas stations along my route?
Restaurants has it's own button, but where is the GAS-button?


  • Norway1000
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    Nobody knows....and it really shouldn't be necessary for users to answer questions....
  • DanielForniesSoria
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    Hi Flageborg,

    You can go to the search bar, type "gas station" and move the map around to explore.
    You can do that before or after you plan a route (using e.g. the default search bar from the first left menu on the top).
    Hope that helps!

  • Arnaud68
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    What's weird is that only some gas stations are shown.
    This misleads you in believing that all gas stations are shown, while this is not true.
    Other gas stations may appear only as "rest areas", although there has been a gas station + a restaurant + a shop on that spot for 20+ years....

    Back home I went in the MapShare Reporter, and noticed that the TomTom map/database is complete and accurate (with gas stations, shops, restaurants, rest areas....), but the correct symbols just don't show up on the device. :/

    Interestingly, in the MapShare Reporter you need to click on "Add point of interest" to reveal all the symbols. By default, the TomTom map shows none.

    It's confusing...