My Drive interfering with FitBit syncing- GO 520

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I have a GO 520 wifi, an Android LG G4 and a FitBit Alta HR. They won't play nicely with one another. I sync my FitBit with my phone over Bluetooth. Twice I installed My Drive, and paired it with my phone. My FitBit doesn't sync. I unpaired the GO with my phone, following the directions in the manual. My FitBit synced two times (once this morning), but then stopped syncing. Last time in order for it to start syncing again I had to uninstall My Drive and restart my phone several times. Does anyone else have this problem? Other than traffic updates and hands free calling, will not pairing my phone with my GO cause any other problems? I have to sync my FitBit with my phone, and use the vibrate function for texts while I'm at work.