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High Battery use of MyDrive Connect.

DucDuc Posts: 35 [Master Explorer]
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I know this question has been asked before, however, when will the developers modify the MyDrive Connect software and ensure that MyDrive Connect can be switched on and off when required.
Currently, after loading the app, the battery on my Pixel Plus2, drains very fast. Without the app loaded, I get comfortably 2 days out of my battery, however, with the app loaded, I barely get through the day without a re-charge. BTW, I had the same problem with my Samsung Note 4.
The end result is that I have removed the app and cannot use the full functionality of the TT520. So, developers, please get you finger out and give us an app that can be turned on/off when required. Should be not too hard to implement for the pointy heads in Amsterdam:wink:.


  • DucDuc Posts: 35 [Master Explorer]
    Hi YFM,
    My bad, I was trying to refer to the MyDrive app instead of the MyDrive Connect on my mobile Pixel2.
  • CrosersCrosers Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
    Does anyone have an answer to this please. Having just purchased a GO Camper the MyDrive app is draining the battery on my Samsung S7. I don't need the app on all the time just when I am in the van. I keep forcing a stop but comes back on when the phone is restarted.
  • CrosersCrosers Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
    I have exactly the same problem with the my drive app on my S7 Edge. I forgot to stop the app today after restart last night on checking the battery usage the phone logged 44% of battery used since last full charge (08:00 this morning) - this was checked at 18:00 so in 10 hours 44 % of battery used - and I wasn't even using my TT - it sat at home all day switched off. Any answers please
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,834
    Hi @Crosers

    On the GO Camper you will only need the My Drive App working on the phone if you want messages to work. You will get your Traffic data etc via the inbuilt Mobile sim and the handsfree phone will work with the Bluetooth connected. and that does not need the My Drive App also to be working. If you can forgo the messaging then you can avoid using the MyDrive App if as you say you are finding it is using up Battery life.


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