Wrong speed limits are being displayed

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Many roads are displaying the wrong speed limits. Get stuck on one speed limit for entire road that has changing limits as you go through residential areas. SD card is updated and current. Even tried a new sd card and last version of map, wonder if new map had bugs, same speed limit errors with old map that was working fine several months ago..


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    Where in the world are you?
    What device?
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    Sorry… Only have had two navigation devices and never had one go goofy...
    USA - Michigan.. all the roads I have driven many time and speed limits reported correctly, in fact somewhat surprised sometime how it actually changes as I pass a changing speed limit sign along the road.. It's a TomTom in a 2014 Mazda, their NB1 navigation system.. Does this sound weird..?? and going to test it today on some different roads but all the roads I have noticed it on so far have been east/west roads.. All the north/south roads seem to be reporting correctly. Beginning to wonder if it isn't the sat antenna / signal..?? Unless someone else seen this before and has an answer I will be probably visiting the Mazda shop.. I've Googled and not found any results that are similar to my problem.. Also I'm a computer tech maintaining networks and computer so loading a SD card is no major deal. So far I have updated the Mazda card TomTom Mazda app v10.855, map v1010.8940 (only changes that the TomTom program makes) and loaded a second superior SD card, one TomTom recommends from another thread, and no difference. I have loaded the SD card to have the most current programing and maps (v10.855 / v1010.8940). Then after a fresh format, loaded the SD card with TomTom Mazda app, v10.855, with previous map, v.985.8197, same speed limit results.. Thanks for taking the time with my problem..