Rider 400 will not load, reset doesn't work

George Fox
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When I turn on my Rider 400, the background screen of the world map appears with the options for quick settings, zoom in/out, and Menu. Then the screen goes black, the those options appear without the background, then black. Occasionally it almost brings up a map. The triangle appears, but no location data, then black screen, Repeat. Holding down the power button to reset doesn't work. I hear the drums, and see the status bar loading, but then it goes back to the listed problem.

unfortunately, I've just stated a trip and can't connect to a computer, not that I could get that to work anyway because the myconnect program doesn't work on my Mac. It starts to load, then the system says that it's not responding.


  • Floyd19
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    This is exactly what is happening to my Rider 40 after a lay off over the winter, I started my bike and pushed the unit onto the mount. It has behaved in exactly the same way as George Fox explained. Nothing wrong with it last Autumn.
    I have reset (doing the whole press 1-2-3 quickly when the black and white writing comes up on restart and downloaded all upgrades , everything has downloaded but still no map appears over the background world view. It's like it is constantly rebooting but unable to 'find' anything.