Are map changes applied immediately to the device?

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Hi all, I have an old Tomtom XL that I plan to replace and I have a question about their current offerings. On my XL if I make a map correction its immediately applied to the map on my device and I can choose whether or not to share it with others, I'd like to know if this is still true with the current devices or if the map change has to be uploaded and will be applied to my map at the next update.

I use mine for truck driving so it's essential to be able to block roads I can't use, the trucker GPS available on the market are simply not worth the extra money as they're terribly inaccurate.


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    The newer models do NOT allow for changes to be made on the devices. Only by using Even then, it can take 9-12 months for accepted changes to be seen in future map updates.
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    Thanks very much for the quick answer and clarification! Now I'm not sure what to do cause my map corrections would be strictly for my own use, blocking roads that are no-truck routes or weight restricted, etc.
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    It's another one of those useful features that we used to have that TomTom has since decided to remove. I've never come across a company like this before that seems to believe that removing useful features is a positive step forward. It's weird to say the least and very infuriating. I hope other companies don't follow suit or we'll eventually be back to blurred black and white TV on the assumption that colour is bad for our eyes.