9 Hole rounds and driver distances

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I have 3 rounds played, 1 of those is a 9 hole round and my statistics are messed up due to this counting 9 holes with 0 putts etc which annoys me quite alot. Is this an intended thing so my stats will forever be messed up as long as I keep the 9 hole round saved on my device and on my apps? Seems like an easy software fix that has been mentioned in the past but the problem is still there.

I also have 1 tee shot recorded at 280 meters which is about 80 meters further than anything I have ever shot, this was caused because the watch missed an auto shot detection that I didnt notice until later. I remember where the ball landed and that it is about 190 but for some reason I can't alter or remove tee shots to get a better average.

These are 2 problems I have found by usint the watch for 1 week and it seems like others have mentioned these issues in the past and that there should be a few lines of code pushed in an update to help us golfers out a bit?

Or is the solution for us users to tripple check the recordings on the watch before moving aways from each shot we do? It would be very nice to be able to move the shot locations around post round a bit better so hope this could be fixed very soon by the developers.

I would hate to have to delete an entire round just because I want to play the game smoothly and not spending 30 sec after each shot checking the watch to make sure it did it's job correctly.

Thanks for reading and hope something can be done about this or that there is a fix that I simply missed.



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    Ok, is this not the support and or suggestion page?

    Where can I find what they are actually working on and going to add/change in the future or is the product and it's software as good as it's going to be now?

    I will find it very hard to reccomend friends to get these products if the software is this lacking in features.