OLD TOMTOM XL....NO MAP FOUND...update deleted my maps

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I have a tomtom xl n14644 that had beautiful maps. It is now considered obsolete. It took forever to establish a computer connection- no idea why- and when I updated, it deleted all my maps. The update takes me to Language Choice, Time, Hand, Speaker....then displays the NO MAPS FOUND screen and it stays there.
I can't connect normally to any computer, I have to RESET my device and it logs into tomtom home on its own. I can't purchase maps. I had backed it up, but I find the backup folder was empty.
So I'm in a loop.....I reset it when its attached to the computer, I update, it takes me to the first few preferences, then freezes on no map found after the voice choice. I can't interrupt it, back it up, download maps...nada.
Garbage can?