shortcut on phone to send destination to navigation system

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Can a new function be added to the app to create a shortcut on de android home screen to send a destination to my navigation system (TomTom GO Basic)? For example, send my home address to my TomTom with just a single click on my homescreen, so I only have to connect my TomTom and I can start driving, while it is receiving and planning (the drive to) the destination in the mean time. This would be so awesome, since I can then use Tasker to, with a single click, send my destination to my tomtom, connect to my tomtom and to my headset, and send my girlfriend a message I am on my way home. Now I have to do all that and it takes at least 5 minutes until I can start driving.

Also, not immediately related, the tomtom MyDrive app, why is it not possible to change the units? When I have my phone on English (which I like to have), the units are in mi, but I want them in km of course. But even with the phone in dutch, the units in my routes are in mi (and the text related to this route is in English, for some strange reason, bug maybe?).