Setting up driving destination in mobile app

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Try using from the ....Menu
  1. Search
  2. Points of Interest
  3. Then type in the store name
  4. You have a search of the whole map , Near me or In town or city
See screen shot:

What user's need to do is go over all the items in TomTomGO app and discover what all you can do with this app.

To many here are always giving TomTomGo a bad rap all the time.


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    @Asprin624 - thanks for that!
    Indeed, there is a search, which is cool. Lets have a look what we have got - I want to go to Costco for example - this is what I am getting, ignore first item - this is from my places which I added via another app, bellow I will give more details about it.
    Instead of the Costco I am getting lots of Costcutters, but this is not what I am after.

    On my old device(Samsung S7 that runs Oreo) by mistake I installed TomTom My Drive app and surpassingly enough, it uses different search engine that gave me straight away what I was after. This is how I added first position into my starred locations. In Go app search at least confusing, can not we have more simple and more powerful search from free app TomTom My Drive or whatever it called?
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    I have tested this in many different ways and it only gives me what I am looking for.

    If I tell it search for Coolblue stores over the full map it shows me all the stores and nothing else.

    If I tell it to just show me stores in Brussels it only show me those stores.

    If I tell it to show me stores near me it gives me only those store.

    Also have tried it on Lidl stores and get the same results.

    TomTom My Drive is not installed on my smartphone.

    One other question you have reported problems with TomTomGo on your updated smartphone with Android Pie on another post before you posted this.

    But you seem to be able to use TomTomGo with no problems at this point.

    What did you do to correct the problems??

    Maybe pass on what you did to the user's that are having problems and it might work for them.

    But have a nice day.......
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    @Asprin624 - I think I just hit an use case that demonstrate issue with TomTom Go search engine. Other TomTom app uses different search engine and gives expected result on my example.

    I am not sure what is your role, but if you can, please forward this example to dev team.

    I run TomTomGo on my old device that I do not currently use, it does not even have sim installed.