Did Blutooth tethering stop workign automatically on Android 8 or higher?

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I noticed several times that although MyDrive of my mobile was connected to my tomtom rider 550, it did not connect to life services like traffic information. When I switched on Bluetooth tethering on my mobile, it connected to those services.
I was told that MyDrive is supposed to 'take care' of those settings.

However, when I did a search in the App Store I found several BT Tethring Apps that are only made to switch on BT tethering with the click of a button, since they claim ever since Android 8 or higher came out this setting can't be switched on by default by an App like MyDrive.

And true; when I installed the BT tethering App, during the installation it asked me specifically if I give permission for it to change my BT settings. MyDrive never did ask me.

This suggests MyDrive needs an update maybe for modern Android versions?