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Pairing problem

JakeGJakeG Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
edited January 2019 in Runner & Multi-Sport
Have a TomTom runner and last week it wouldn't connect to my iphone. Tried a few times and nothing, deleted and reinstalled the app and reset the phone. Now when I try to pair I get the PIN from the watch but when I enter it in the app it doesn't pair and the watch doesn't acknowledge it.


  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,725
    Did you remove the watch from the phone's BT settings menu before trying to pair again. You must do this whenever you reinstall the app or reset the watch.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
  • JakeGJakeG Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks tfarabaugh, that was it. Didn't realize I had to remove it (or any device) from the bluetooth settings.
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