Feature request: Option for overspeed coloring on route bar (not just approaching camera)

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I have emailed support for the feature request:
I have just done a short self survey of what is the reason I look at the Tom Tom Go App whilst driving, with my passenger recording my verbal responses.

80% of the time I am looking at Tomtom GO to check my speed.
But the speedometer is not is the best position at the bottom of the screen for me - a long way from watching the road!

I love your overspeed coloring on the route bar approaching speed cameras. I can see the color through my peripheral vision without taking my eyes off the road! Excellent.

I find the speeding dings too slow too intermittent, whereas the overspeed color on the route bar shows all the time I am speeding when approaching a speed camera.

I ask for the option to show this overspeed coloring on the route bar always, not just when approaching speed cameras.

My 2nd request is to have the speed panel (speed+limit only) as a floating resizable overlay - I would prefer to place it at the top of the display nearest my driving vision. (I can achieve something close usingTomtom speed camera app overlay, but it is not resizable and has the unwanted camera button, and is not very efficient causing some lag).
I feel the speed camera button should remain at the bottom with the current position.
I am interested to know what our community thinks.


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    I hope you've got a LOT of patience if you are waiting for TomTom staff to impliment your ideas! TomTom seems to have gone to sleep as we haven't had any new features or meaninful software updates for a long time.