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I use TomTom Sports for analysing my running activities. I have a question about the average speeds that are displayed.

I attached a screenshot of my last run in TomTom Sports. I selected the second kilometer. When I'm pointing on the graph below, the speeds vary between 15,43 km/h and 14,72 km/h. However, TomTom Sports gives an average speed of this kilometer of 14,3 km/h. How is this possible?

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    They are using a slightly different data series. The pace is showing a specially smoothed pace - this is the values that the watch is showing in the pace screen. Unfortunately, the smoothing can cause the average values to be slightly off. If you want to avoid this, you can use the lap pace or the average pace field on the watch, which will align directly with the split / lap times. To summarize, the split times will be more accurate than the pace shown in the graph.

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