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TomTom Go 700 no longer recognized by MAC

smile-facesmile-face Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
My TomTom Go 700 was no longer functioning so I followed these instructions to restore it:

After completing Step 2: Format your device, it will no longer be detected by the TomTom Home software on my Mac.

The TomTom unit displays an graphic of the device connected with a USB cable (which occasionally will briefly change to a please wait message), but the TomTom Home software continually says "No device connected"

An "UNTITLED" drive does however display in the finder. The drive is blank.

When no cable is connected, the TomTom unit displays a red X.

I would be grateful for any help.

TomTom system: TomTom Go 700
Computer system: Mac OSX 10.13.4
Tom Tom home version:

I have deleted the TomTom home software and done a reinstall of it from a fresh download, but the issue still persists.


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,079

    Check the first two characters of the serial number 'M5' means the device is End of life
    M5">GO 700, 2,5GB, TomTom HOME NAV2 Eol

    See.... End of life for TomTom devices with 2GB internal memory

  • smile-facesmile-face Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    @YamFazMan Yeah, I know it's end of life. But that just means I can't buy new maps for it. I should still be able to use and manage the device.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,079

    I realise you have a Mac...
    Maybe on your Mac... You can do the equivalent of the Windows PC TomtomHome workaround suggested by dhn,,,

    dhn wrote:
    Here is a workaround to get back to a version of Home that retains the old functionality:

    1) Uninstall TomTom Home
    2) Download last "good" version from
    3) Install it without running ie, uncheck the 'Run Home' tick box when installation completes
    4) Using Windows Explorer, navigate to
    C:\Program Files\TomTom HOME 2\xul (32 bit Windows)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\TomTom HOME 2\xul (64 bit Windows)
    and find application.ini file
    5) Edit application.ini file (you might need admin privileges) and modify "Version=" to "Version="
    6) Run TomTom Home. It will believe to be running latest version and therefore not pull the update.

  • smile-facesmile-face Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Where do TomTom keep all their old downloads of TomTomHome?

    I found that by manual copying the back the files onto the reformatted TOMTOM (via the Mac Finder), the TomTom unit is now detected by the latest version of TomTom Home. But the device still displays the red X.
  • smile-facesmile-face Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I got this working. You just need to format it on a PC (I think in Mac OSX 10.13.4 the formatting option is no longer standard). It now connects to TomTom Home fine.

    It also works fine with the newest version of TomTom Home – there is no need to use an older version.
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