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TomTom Start 20 Emulation

Hi everyone!
I made a decision that old tomtom devices are so great that I will buy a TomTom Start 20!
No Seriously!
It's a very great device where you can test your own customized navcores, patch something and also use it as a navigator!
So I am buying it or today or tomorrow!

But I want to do something before buying it....

Emulate TomTom Start 20 to make MyDrive detect as a TomTom is connected!
I already succesfully emulated a TomTom Start Classic by just copying the whole root of the device to a usb flash drive...
And TomTom HOME detected it!

What do you think... ?
Can I emulate a TomTom Start 20 as connected to computer
by just downloading the Start 20 navcore to a usb flash drive which is 4 GB?


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,333
    Nope. The user has no access to the file system on the Start 20 and newer models.
  • gmirz2005gmirz2005 Posts: 24 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Oh OK!
    Thank you dhn!
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