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Share thrill ride / route "on the go"

Maikel VerheijenMaikel Verheijen Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
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Hi All,

My friends and I all have a TomTom rider (a 400, a 410 and a 450 to be exact) and have often wondered why it's impossible to share a thrill route? You can save it to "My Routes", but there is (for as far as we can tell) no way to share it. you can't share using bluetooth or copy it to the SD card, since it does not seem to show up in the list that shows up when you press the "share routes" button. The saved route is also not visible in the "TomTom MyDrive" environment, if that were the case we might have been able to use a cell phone to export the .gpx and import it on the account of one of the others.

When we all create a thrill route they get generated differently, which is highly confusing!

I hope someone smarter than me is able to explain to me how to do this, it would really be a great addition to the thrill route funtion!



  • Ste7iosSte7ios Posts: 753
    You can’t do anything about the sharing thing... Because TomTom doesn’t want it for their reasons that never explained to us.

    If you want all of your team to follow the same route just share a track or design a route as you want it on MyRoute-app and add enough waypoints to force the route calculations to be always the same... (all of your friends must have exactly the same settings).

    You can find a lot of discussions about it here...
  • ChrisHallChrisHall Posts: 256 [Exalted Navigator]
    As @Ste7ios says you can’t share a route that’s been created on the Rider, twisty or otherwise.

    Create a route using MyRoute-app or any 3rd party app that can save the route in ITN format (not GPX, TomTom treats these as tracks regardless of the content).

    If your riding buddies sign up for MyRoute-app you can share the route with them to load onto their Rider.
    Alternatively, save the ITN file to a MicroSD card and your buddies can insert the card into their Rider and load up the Route(s). (Due to TomTom’s superior design tweezers are required!).

    On the Road you can use MyRoute-app on a smartphone and send the new route to the Rider via Bluetooth (Android only, not the iPhone, which still requires the MicroSD card and some additional hardware and software)

    As for Rider calculating different twisty routes, I think this has been reported before, but no explanation from TomTom.

    My suggestion would be to:
    a) Make sure everyone has the same map version
    b) Everyone is using the same firmware version
    c) No one has the traffic connection.
    d) Route calculation settings are the same.
    e) the same level of twistyness and hillness

    Even with it all the above there is no guarantee of the same route
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