Speed limits - Time for the changes to reflect in the new maps

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How long does it take to get a speed limit changed on the map?


  • dhn
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    3 to 9 months, it seems.
  • [Gelöschter Benutzer]
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    Never ever, it seems.
  • jg2252
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    In June 2019 it will be a year since I submitted a speed limit change from 35 mph to 55 mph. I never would have bought a TomTom if I knew this would happen.
  • Megalos
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    Speed limits indeed seem to take much longer than other types of reports.
  • BrianE
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    There seems to be very little of any kind of updating taking place these days. When was the last time we actually had any real improvements to our devices, let alone any feedback from TomTom about what to expect.
  • Blackcat2
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    Agreed! We got a speeding fine in Italy because the Tom Tom said 70 but the limit was 50. Since that time I have noticed that it frequently gets the limit wrong, sometimes indicating it to be 90 while going through a village where it is 30. A costly mistake for us to think that Tom Tom would be right.
  • cbrfireblade
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    I live in Estepona on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain and the same thing. A lot of the speed limits indicated on my devise are wrong so now I totally ignore the devise and go by the road signs.
  • John-Jay
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    In November 2017, I reported a change to a Speed Limit & it still has not been implemented!

    TBH, it is clearly not worth the effort trying to report such changes!