Notification of recalculating for route- GO 6200 WiFi

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Hi all,

My old Garmin would say "recalculating" if I were to fail to follow instructions in some way, such as taking a wrong turn or wrong exit on a roundabout.

My new GO 6200 doesn't say this, but rather just silently recalculates a new route and displays it. There could be a case in which I don't even realise that I went wrong somewhere if I'm not watching the display.

Can I force the TomTom to verbally indicate that I have gone wrong somewhere?

Thank you!


  • YamFazMan
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    Answer... Sorry No, the option is not available

    Comment... Noooooooooo :relaxed:
    But if we must, can we have the option, to be switch On and Offable
    I hated my old PND nagging "Route error recalculating route"