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Why is my brought maps not transferable...and why do you delt after a year.

qirky cazqirky caz Posts: 33 [Master Explorer]
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Ok.going to say this loud and clear..I brought a map for usa last year we live in uk £45.00 I think...I saw what i wanted and down loaded I did not see a word that said.only valid for a year and not transferable..when you buy some thing there is offer and acceptance.....I did not accept to lose my map after a year .and why is the map not transferable when it is i own the map I brought the map of you...would you care to answer .


  • justmebrowsingjustmebrowsing Posts: 389 [Supreme Pioneer]
    You bought the licence to use the map on a particular device. Just imagine if this was continually transferable then someone would only ever buy one map & just keep swapping it over to other devices (family members or sold-on on ebay etc); then poor old TT would make no profit!

    Example 1, Eddy Stobart buys one truck map & instals it in 500 trucks?
    Example 2, Uber buy one map & allow all Uber drivers to copy this single map?
    Commercial sense, 'course not.

    PS when you bought the map you'd have been given the choice of a single release, "latest plus 4 releases" or even "latest plus 6 releases", see https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/maps-services/shop/travel-map/usa/ and you don't "lose" any map, just the option to update it for free.
  • qirky cazqirky caz Posts: 33 [Master Explorer]
    If you pay £45.00 for something you expect it to be there when you need it next,PAYING THIS AMOUNT FOR A MAP IS ENOUGH, WHY WOULD WANT TO PAY EXTRA FOR UPDATES i DON,T WANT, THE ROADS DONT CHANGE THAT MUCH SO A UPDATE WOULD NOT BE NEEDED UNTIL i GO AGAIN, I brought a TOMTOM EXPECTING TO GET MY £10.00 from you .... This never happen,MANY OF THOUSANDS PEOPLE NEVER DID EITHER, ...you never sent my money, and when I brought my tomtom it said get £10.00 back, you have rip me off and many others,
    When I brought the map it was a offer and I accepted, but I did not see it saying AFTER ONE YEAR IT WANT BE THERE, There are many apps out there now, so you should more understanding to your customer, I see you have have brought out A BASIC TOMTOM WITH FREE EUROPEAN MAPS! you are rubbing salt in wounds,!!!! and Garmin and others do lots for for free,I have now started to tap NO i DON,T WANT TO SEND INFORMATION TO TOMTOM, bUT i EXPECT YOU ARE TAKING IT ANY WAY BECAUSE YOU ARE LIEING, by asking me this question as I start my route.I am still not happen with your approach to me when I ask can I have a map with uk and portugal and all you can come up with is, ! down load this zone and that zone ! when in their mind has time to swap zones while on a trip with no internet ! you need to stop thinking money and help the people who have your device.WHAT YOU SAY ABOVE IS LABELLED TO EVERYTHING, !i DO EXPECT TO BUY IT ONCE ON THIS DEVICE AS i CAN NOT SWAP IT AS THE CARD WAS FORMATTED ONLY TO THIS TOMTOM WE HAVE 5, ! AND TRUCK ONES, YOUR WORDS ARE NOT MAKING SENSE BECAUSE IF i BUY A DRESS i CAN GIVE IT AWAY, BECAUSE i BROUGHT THE DRESS.
  • justmebrowsingjustmebrowsing Posts: 389 [Supreme Pioneer]
    a) IT'S RUDE to "shout" by posting IN CAPITAL LETTERS!
    b) If you just bought a single issue map (as you're not concerned with new roads etc) then that's fine and your choice.
    c) If you were expecting £10 cashback a year ago why have you not yet contacted TT support? Assuming you're in the UK then call them:- 02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
    d) You don't tell us which model/device/memory you have but try to remember that maps are getting more detailed (bigger) all the time and the larger "Europe map" for example now comes out as ....to be continued
  • justmebrowsingjustmebrowsing Posts: 389 [Supreme Pioneer]
    ....to be continued:-
    more that 5Gb which is why they offer zones/areas
    e) All the newer devices incl an SD or MicroSD card slot for memory expansion to add more maps/zones and is mentioned under Device compatibility here https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sat-nav/maps-services/shop/travel-map/western-europe/
    f) Like your dress, you can sell or give away the device (with the licenced map) but not the map alone as that is Intellectual Property Rights licenced software for one device only
    g) What do you mean by missing/lost map? Try using the search facility on the form for "lost map" and you'll find 60 plus pages of mostly resolved similar queries or contact support
  • qirky cazqirky caz Posts: 33 [Master Explorer]
    I did contact Tom tomorrow about the £10.00 cash back ,like hundreds of others none of us heard back from Tom tom.
    Regards to my purchase of the map for USA which I down loaded to a SD card I would of liked to used it again next year !for £45.00that is the cost of a Tom tomorrow for the UK maps only device. So this against my map purchase is a lot of my money wasted by a company who are not understanding road users..for instances I can update European maps..but if I was to drive from UK to portugal there is no one stream down load..I would have to do to France..then get internet to down load Spain Portugal..I have Tom tom go..while my son has Tom tom that you can download load all the European map at once..why be picky..it is one stystem you choose to cut up in bits.used another app when I went.to pt..you leave me no choice.
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