Android app with display issues?

Zebrauk82 Registered Users Posts: 4
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I downloaded the app today and there is no info on the display, I can see the side bar going up and down, bur no info displays on the phone, anyone else with the same problem?


  • Asprin
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    Check your settings:

    1 Settings
    2 Appearance
    3 Route bar
    4 Arrival information (tap on that)
    You have 5 items you can turn on or off (check them)
  • ed12348
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    Im having the same issue on Android 9 (P) Developers preview, it broke as soon as I upgraded to Android DP1 and is still broken in DP5. It affects menus and the search results list. You can just about launch navigation by pressing to the far right of the screen where the icon would be and by using the option to see search results as map pins to launch navigation that way. I understand it's an unreleased OS, but I hope the fix is fast coming as it's set to launch in the not too distant future and I'm really missing the TomTom app.
  • Anpa
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    Android P still not working despite reaching final API - previously reported here: