Magnetic Mount for a Go Live 1000

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If944a4d2-4f67-430b-9c80-5e6c3ddd274d.jpgI am looking for a magnetic mount for a Go Live 1000 as my has broken , the suction part has come adrift. would appreciate some help in tracking down a replacement It is the older one with the plug arrangement coming up through the bottom of the Magnetic mount into the Sat Nav to make connection. help appreciated. WM3eafd5d7-62d5-4a8c-bee6-12f1c2ecdaad.jpge4e0136c-1cbd-4748-b330-12e5617d5273.jpgMf944a4d2-4f67-430b-9c80-5e6c3ddd274d.jpg