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Navigation stuck in my Mazda mx-5

Mazda Mx-5 SwedenMazda Mx-5 Sweden Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
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My build in navigation (NV1) in my Mazda mx-5 has gone in a loop. When powered up you first see a picture of a chip (see enclosed) after a while the picture is added with a red cross (like the chip is missing). I do not have a built in phone, I connect it with Bluetooth. It is not possible to restart or switch off the unit.
Can I do a total reset and read again on SD card? Regards Leif 1071932b-78be-4504-a1c5-4e1334f7de56.jpg


  • SamvSamv Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    Reset will not harm the system. But let me tell you first the Tom Tom navigation system in Mazda s are faulty. The system gets corrupted very easily by unwanted files normally coming through live updates or downloads.. esp quick GPS ones. Tom Tom is clueless how to fix this. You can try to remove SD and do a hard reset( press on button for 20+ secs) till the system turns off. Reinsert sd card. Do not have to download any quick GPS. If the GPS fails to find position then you need a formatting of your sd. Beware. You need first to make a proper back up especially the map.... before you do a formatting
  • Mazda Mx-5 SwedenMazda Mx-5 Sweden Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Thanks for your reply!
    I have tried to do a hard reset but the unit does not respond even when I press the on button för 30+ sek. Any suggestions what to do? Regards Leif
  • SamvSamv Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    Ok so only option for hard reset will be to unplug the relevant fuse. But before doing that did you try to do a 1. A factory reset( looks you cannot do it)
    2. Take the sd card out after turning off engine and then turn back the ignition and then do a factory reset.
    3. Format as card, but manually save the map in a secure folder in your computer.
    4. Reinsert sd in Tom Tom, put ignition and let for few minutes.
    5 Take back sd to computer and go for reloading map into it and follow updates. ( But I am sceptical of Quick GPS)
    6. Once all done go back to car and insert sd card and turn on to see if it solves.
  • Mazda Mx-5 SwedenMazda Mx-5 Sweden Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Thanks for your reply! Sorry for my late answer.
    I have tried with a new fresh SD-card.
    I, however, can´t force my unit to read on the SD-card again, it just carries on like I discribe in my first post above, over and over again.
    How do I perform a "Factory reset"?
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