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Road that isnt - how to let the world know?

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I live in Cornwall UK. Its notorious for some poor sat nav directions. Theres ine in particular in my neighbourhood which my old Garmin nuvi, and now my Tomtom 6200 wants me to use. I can ignore it but if its reportable, that might be of more use.

Basically, there is a small piece of "road" thats really a back street. Its only navigable by small cars (my aygo would fit, my estate would not). Additionally a lot of residents park there which makes it unnavigable even by the aygo most of the time. Locally its not even considered a road.

The answer in reality is to carry on, take next proper left turn, and it is about 10 metres longer. However, in my experience, sat navs dont offer that option.

I see I can now report speed cameras. Is there any way I can report this sort of problem?


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    Thanks - all done!
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    You are welcome.
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