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New software version 12.075 for NAV 3 devices

Hi All,

We've released a new software update version 12.075 for NAV 3 devices. Various performance improvements and bug fixes has been implemented in this release.

Cheers, lampard


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,345

    Should you not emphasize the importance of Nav 3 users to get this upgrade since it resolves a potential problem with the device's clock for April 2019?
  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Whoa! Another software update for NAV 3 devices?

    I want to know full details before I go ahead. I don't want to find mine has been mucked up in some way as a result of 'improved' firmware. :open_mouth:

    For a start, what is this issue with the device clock in April 2019? Is it Leap Seconds again? Although that's normally at the end of December or June.

    Exactly what bugs have been "fixed"? How is performance "improved", mine seems to work OK now (in the main).

    Has anyone tried this and noticed any 'Got you!' issues?

    P.S. Will it let me use a UK English male computer voice? :relaxed:
  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    The clock issue: Clock

    The SatNav Millennium Bug all over again...
  • D-StreamD-Stream Posts: 142 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Stealth updates.. 007 james bond knows the fixes but he`s been novichok`ed so as no one will ever know. Plus the developers will take these fixes to the grave.

    Never in my life known a company like it.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,427
    Hi Lampard

    Via 120 Live Updated without fault
    GO 825 Live Updated without fault

  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Noticed any changes to their operation or user interface so far?
  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 706 [Revered Pioneer]
    Yet again, TomTom uses references to devices as "Nav 3" (etc), but the "Typical-Owner/User" has purchased a Device where such a Description is NOT used!

    Just when will they start posting information that actually means something to the "Typical-Owner/User"??
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,427

    What's new in the latest software for my navigation device?

    [h3]Version 12.075[/h3]Released on 26 July 2018 This update applies to: GO 1000, GO 1005 / GO 2050, GO 1050, GO 1050 World, GO 2405, GO 2435, GO 2505, GO 2435, GO 2505 LIVE, GO 2535, GO 2535 TM WTE, GO LIVE 1000, GO LIVE 1005, GO LIVE 1050 / GO LIVE 2050, GO LIVE 1535, GO LIVE 2050, GO LIVE 2535 M, GO LIVE 820, GO LIVE 825, GO LIVE Camper & Caravan Edition, PRO 5150 Truck, Start 20 / Via 220, Start 25, Start 60 (2012), Via 110, Via 115, Via 120 / Via 160, Via 125, VIA 130 / 135, VIA 1400 / 1405, VIA 1410 / 1415, VIA 1430 / 1435, VIA 1500, VIA 1505, Via 1530 / 1535, VIA 160, VIA 1605, Via 180, Via 220, VIA 260 / 280, VIA All Blacks Edition, VIA LIVE 120, VIA LIVE 125, VIA LIVE 160, VIA LIVE 180
    • Bug fixes and improvements: Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

    The GPS 2019 Week Rollover - What You Need to Know

  • John-JayJohn-Jay Posts: 706 [Revered Pioneer]
    Hi, @YamFazMan ,

    Thanks for that!

    Obviously, I'm aware that knowledgeable people (like yourself) have that sort of information easily available &, as always, are more than willing to provide useful/helpful information to the "Typical-Owner/User".

    However, the point that I was trying to make was that TomTom (when they make such an Announcement) should either specifically refer to type/model reference OR directly post a link where that information can be found!!

  • TigerRiderTigerRider Posts: 129 [Supreme Navigator]
    Just back from three weeks in France using my TT Via135. Have had it quite a while now and I'm surprised (duh! its Tom Tom so no surprise really) that it hasn't been updated years ago. When I first had it I complained here about how unresponsive it was to key presses.

    The POI search: would either crash and trigger a restart (Hope that's now fixed).

    The POI search: would match the search, briefly show it then fill the screen with similar matches ranging out to 50km from the destination and NOT allow one one to get back to the first matched entry. (This one really needed fixing)

    Destination search: Just hope that they've changed from searching for all the locations that match the first typed letter, then looking again with the first two typed letters and so on till it's found it. This might be OK for a tiny country like The Nederlands but its a DOG in the middle of France. Would hope now they wait until the user has entered a number of letters and paused before it goes off and searches. When sat trying to get going the old version (maybe the latest version) can get you into missed characters or double entries because it just isn't responsive enough.

    Fastest Route: Hope that's fixed. Been down too many impossibly narrow windy roads just to save a few hundred yards of 30Km/h and a few bumps. Given me 30K and bumps every time.

    Fastest Route (in France): if the solution includes the Peage (toll route) and one declines by default you ARE ALSO DECLINING MOTORWAY ROUTES for the rest of the day. This really is PANTS. Did most of the A75 (France) having self navigated onto it and was directed off it at every junction. (this is also PANTS).

    Shortest Route: Been taken left off the main route, under the 'longer' route and had to then join a very fast/busy route from the wrong side. Hopeless!

    ECO Route: I have a diesel, why do I need it? Tried ECO from Nevers to Blois (France) and it wanted to take me via Orleans (check the map).

    New Feature: Like the "No Unpaved Roads" option it desperately need a "No Crappy Little Roads" option. It can be really exhausting in UK and France when the thing takes you off cross country or down a side streets or along cycle paths (Yep! a cycle path) or through a park just to avoid a few yards of mid-village/town 30Kmh road.

    Just tried the new version (actually thought it updated twice). Not really used the phone directory function before but found it was beyond clunky. Needs and edit/delete feature to remove odd entries.

    As I've outline before, I don't think the Tomtom developers are allowed out much so don't get to fin out how clunky some features are in real life. They might be OK emulating on a very quick computer with a small database but not on an overloaded little unit on a hot day in the middle of France and at arms length while still strapped in.

    Still, having been a Tom Tom customer for a good number of years I'm not holding my breath on this update.
  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Just thought of one more thing I need to check before an update, ought to have thought of it before.

    Can people who have updated confirm the updated NAV 3 system still fully supports Mapcodes? I have a START 25 - a non OTA SatNav - and can't/don't use TomTom MyDrive as they dropped support for Mapcodes (Why?). I use Mapcode instead when planning a journey.

    It would be a blow if after updating I found the device no longer used Mapcodes. But we know what happens with TomTom... :hushed:
  • CatNipCatNip Posts: 480 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Lacking any further input I had to take the plunge.

    I can confirm that following the firmware update my Start 25 still uses Mapcodes.
    I haven't yet really used it following this update so haven't noticed anything else.

    BTW. Why does TomTom not go back to supporting Mapcodes on its MyDrive, for compatabilty with the many older Satnavs still be in use? It can't be difficult.
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