...AND YET AGAIN; Why do most of the public SatNav forums already know...

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....about a new TTHome release Version= but nothing announced on this OFFICIAL forum supposedly run by and moderated by TT staff?
I know they're trying to kill off/end-the-life-of as many NAV2 devices (which ALL use TTHome) as they can think of excuses to do (incl any device with >2Gb being EoL although there are still well over 100+ maps under 2Gb and many of these devices with an SD or MicroSD card slot FOR EXPANSION PURPOSES anyway) but not even bothering to mention this is yet another slur against long term NAV2 device owners!
(and I know Niall, if forum users even thought to look here https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/release_notes/type/home then they too would have known before reading this but how many have?):rage: