Once again, Route vs. Track??

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Hi guys, just sitting in the extremely warm weather thinking ... and I just like to make sure that I have understood the GPSing correct.

When a version 1.1 gpx file is created and saved/exported onto the Tomtom GPS, it contain the coordinates I created under the "Route" section and then under the "Track" section a whole lot more coordinates are set along the route I saw on the monitor while creating the route, not only the ones I have entered as way points.

Now, when choosing to ride the "Route" part the way points entered will be passed and the GPS settings will determine how the route between each way point will be decided, fastest, shortest and so on. Even traffic information will be part of that decision. Right?

Then when I choose the "Track" instead, the GPS will have a whole lot more way points to work with but here is my actual thought, will the route decision still be made by the GPS based on GPS settings? So if one guy have shortest entered into his GPS and his wife happen to have fastest entered into hers they might actually end up with different route choices? And the the traffic information provided might also interfere and I might end up with a different route than I anticipated?

As you might understand by now, I am trying to understand why my routes sometime contain choices not really made by me ... ;-) ...

... and a follow up question then, what if I use Google maps to create the route in for instance MyRoute-app and a specific road is available in Google Maps but not in the Tomtom map, how would the GPS deal with that?

Well, apart from the small squiks I am quite happy with my TTR, now upgraded to a 550 ...

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    Have in mind that any GPX file is treated as a track by TomTom no matter it contains trackpoints (a track) or / and waypoints (a route).

    Only ITN files (TomTom proprietary itinerary file format) are treated as routes.

    Routes contains only the waypoints in the order you want to visit them, no info at all about a specific route.

    They are dynamic and calculated each time you opened them according to your settings and traffic conditions, time, etc.

    If you want to follow a more specific route you’ve to add some intermediate waypoints to guide it and not let it to calculate other alternative routes, and it’s good to have the same settings, map, and software...

    A track is like a record that you may play later... It contains hundreds of trackpoints that defines a route. No calculations are made, and of course any settings and traffic data are ignored.

    All maps have some differences. That may lead you to different routes. MyRoute-app Gold provides all of the available maps and tools to design a route than can be the same on every map.
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    I've not see the Itinerary file Wikipedia entry before. The entry states "TomTom decided in 2015 to deprecate the ITN format in favour of the more versatile GPX format. ITN is still supported as an import format."

    Interesting, as we know Rider 400 only imports GPX as a track, not routes. This implies that if a route is created on the Rider and saved to My Routes, it is not stored internally in ITN format, but possibly GPX format?

    I am constantly amazed by the inconsistencies in TomTom's design and implementation.
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    Hi, what I have found positive with the ITN files is that my stopover's are shown in the GPS while driving. Sad to see that disappear ...

    The GPX file may include both a route and a track section and if it does, I have to import either one or both. However, the route points descriptions are not shown in the GPS, nor are the route points themselves. Too bad I think.

    I continue to use both file types depending on the specific need I have for each of my rides, and as long as MyRoute-app allows export of both I am happy.

    Have a nice day,