How to transfer data to new SD card for Renault Laguna Carminate Live

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So I have bought used Renault Laguna III (2012) with Carminate Live. The car came with original 2 GB SD card with Iberia maps.

Now I wanna buy maps for whole Europe, which can't fit on 2 GB card, so I bought a 16 GB SD card.

Following instructions, I tried to initialize it in the car, but navigation says "No maps found".

After that I have copied stuff from old SD to new and got new message "Problem with map You cannot use this map on this device: Iberia-479".
The Third attempt was to get upgrades on the new card via Tomtom Home, after which navigation got updated, but eventually, the same message appeared.

Navigation version:


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    Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions?
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    Your current maps are "tied" to SD card (you can confirm by finding .mct files in map folder.
    If I remember right, after map upgrade, you are automatically converted to device "tie" with .dct file.
    What you can do is - format that new card (but make sure your Laguna supports 16Gb - I have suspicion that Laguna supports up to 4Gb) and put it in the car, start up headunit and wait to see message about "no maps found", then you can put the card in computer and use TomTom Home to put voices, POIs and your newly bought map on the card. Your new Europe map will be "tied" to your device and you can change sd cards as often as you wish. Be sure to look for "voucher" in Google, before buying Europe map - you will save some money.