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I have always thought that Comcast had the worst customer service of any company I've dealt with. I am shocked to say that they have been dethroned by TomTom. I put in a search term and I get nothing related to the question. Like Comcast they set it up to only sell new stuff (basically). They forget my password every time. They don't even have my device listed any where. I was going to buy new maps - making a profit for them. They won't let me. Seriously. I'm going with another product. I have never come here and not had a terrible experience. As I do with Comcast I'll tell everyone I know to RUN as fast and as far as they can from Tom Tom. Thank you for letting me vent. They may just wipe this off. Maybe this will help others who are having a lot of trouble and give some comfort to see that they aren't alone. I have a PhD for crying out loud. I'm not a six year old kid.


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    Things certainly don’t seem to be getting better as far as customer support is concerned.On the very rare occasion I have had to contact them,I swear I haven’t had one useful bit of help.They ask for suggestions from customers for future requests to improve the products and then totally ignore them.How a once great company has morphed into today’s couldn’t care less attitude I really don’t know.
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    Not sure about that as I have always found this forum very helpful but so far have not had to contact CS for help.
    But you do have a point of not trying the change their system to what people have requested. In my case the announcing of waypoints as destination is a real pain on a long run particularly if you want to stop in an un forformulary out of the way place for example
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    I think you may have been logged into the wrong site...

    Re Model numbers... The Tomtom Model numbers are different for the same Model for the different Sales areas around the world, so if you are using the wrong site the Model Names/Numbers will not match

    I would think the different Sales area (Maps) would mean you would not be able to process your Address or Currency

    I guess as your posting here you were logged into the UK site instead of the USA site

    Try Here USA Site....
    Scroll to the bottom of the page in the link for further options or to check your countries flag

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    If I'm logged into the wrong site than it's Tom Tom's doing. (What a shock). I'm in the US & they signed me in - after losing my password 3 times. They put me on a page where I could buy USA maps.
    They did send me to UK before when I wanted to look at alternative voices. I signed in and saw nothing that looked like the UK this time. Just more of the crap I complained about. I appreciate the answers but I won't be signing on anymore since I have to take too much time getting them to accept the password that I created the day before.
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