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YamFazMan has been very helpful so far In that I have now been able to produce local POI's but?
Multi POI's in one route
I have searched the instruction manual and can find only reference to planning a route to a single POI and you do not appear to be able to select more that one POI on the unit while planning a route.

I have also found how to colour code/ symbol an POI on the unit. Can this be done at the planning stage on a computer?

How can I insert multi POI's into a long route, or do I have to convert the required points to POI's as I plan a route. If so how do I keep waypoints and POI separate in an ITN route or gpx file.


  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,957

    See pages 118/9 of the manual http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/rider_400_40/refman/TomTom-Rider-EU-RG-en-gb.pdf
    Adding a stop to your route from the current route menu
    1. In the Main Menu, select Current Route.
    2. Select Add Stop to Route. The map view is shown.
    3. To select a stop, do one of the following steps:
    . Zoom in on the map, then press and hold to select a location. In the pop-up menu, select Add.
    . Select Search and search for a location. When you have found a location, select Add.
    Your route is recalculated to include your stop.

    Think you will be able to add another POI using the search method above
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    Do remember that "add stop to current route" is a leap into the unknown when you have one or more intermediate stops. Rider might put the stops in the "correct" order, or it will add it at then end of the route, or sometimes randomly. Then it's on to "reorder stops.
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    Thanks for that but I was already aware of how to adjust a route by adding a stop but as tomtom announces all way points as destinations you have no way of knowing when you have arrived at a mid way point of chose and is why I am trying to add POI,s in the hope that it will be announced as such or at the least show a different symbol in the route bar.
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    If you want the new stop in the correct order click on the previous one first before adding the new stop point otherwise it will very likely show up at the end of the route listing and then having taken you to your original destination will then direct you back the the newly inserted stop. Which by then could be hundreds of miles away
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