Problem with Right button

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I've a problem with my Tom Tom multi sport.
The right button doesn't activate the activity menu.

Is it possible to fix the problem ?




  • Raykad
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    Pull off the plastic button. You can easily do this by pushing your fingernail between the button and the frame of the watch and pushing up. This will not cause any damage to the watch itself.

    See if there is any stuff that might be under the button or in the frame that you can clean out.
    However; If it looks fine, just rotate the button so the left side is on the right side and push the plastic button back. If the right button still doesn't react, try a Factory reset described here ( If that doesn't work, try Factory reset in recovery mode (described in the same link).

    If none of this solves the issue I would suspect the right part of the control is damaged (water damage or general malfunction) and needs to be sent in for repair/replacement, unfortunately.
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    This worked for me:

    Gently pry off the plastic ring "button" around the frame. I used a small eye glass screw driver. It's held with 4 plastic prongs so be careful not to damage them. Pry off one side then the next until the frame pulls free.
    If you have a tiny brush, clean the watch under the frame and the frame itself.
    Blow any remaining particles out with canned air.
    Replace the frame being careful to notice that it is somewhat rounded on two sides and needs to be seated correctly.
    If the button still won't work, remove the frame again.
    The small prongs on the frame is what engages the actual buttons which sit below the surface. You can test the actual buttons using a paperclip. The buttons worked, but the prongs on mine had worn down with extensive use. I cut a very tiny piece of eraser and placed it over the right button - just enough for the prong and the button to make contact when depressed.
    I reseated the frame and it works like a champ.

    I really like my TomTom as you can probably guess. :)

    Good luck!

  • Runner3_Fedup
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    Thanks, still didn't work as all the other button sides buzz when pressed my button just clicks!
    Probably not worth repairing as there are many other makes of unit at better prices.