Spark 3 and iPhone 6 have fallen out

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My Spark 3 believes it is still talking to my iPhone 6. My iPhone says it has no watch connected. I cannot unsync my watch because it says I have to go through the app to do that. How do I correct this??


  • Raykad
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    The issue is a bit unclear...

    Try this though: Open the Sports app, go to settings and remove the pairing from there by clicking on the watch paired.

    But if that doesn't work or if that's not the case it seems your phone lost the pairing and something else might have happened to the watch since it's asking you to go through the app again. I would suggest connecting the watch to your computer, download Sports Connect (if you don't already have it) to sync all activities if possible.

    Once that's done, perform a Factory Reset or Factory Reset in recovery mode. Then start over. Instructions here: [url=https://][/url]

    Re-installing the app might help as well.
  • Teddles
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    Thanks Raykad. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'll try again.

    The watch believes it is connected to the phone. The phone doesn't believe it is connected to anything.

    On my PC there is no activity after 14 July. Connecting my watch to the PC doesn't change this. Is there a way to 'force' the activity?? I can't see if there is.

    I can't get my watch to 'forget' the phone, without using the phone app to 'mange' the watch - but as the app doesn't believe it is connected this clearly doesn't work!!

    Will a factory reset lose the data between 14 July and now?