Very Slow Syncing to iOS app

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I have an Adventurer Watch (current software version) and an iOS app (also current version). Syncing takes forever. I just did a 10 mile hike and it took about 40 minutes to sync to the app.

Any way to speed this up?


  • tfarabaugh
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    Make sure you have a strong Internet connection, preferably WiFi. if your connection is spotty it is likely timing out and restarting constantly. Even better, sync via a computer and it takes seconds. Other than that there is nothing to be done.

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    I find this a very annoying "feature" on this watch, and this is the biggest reason (that and the fact that the HR sensor is not accurate) that I would not purchase a tomtom device again. I waste up to 30 minutes sometimes to get it to sync. sometimes i just give up and try again days later. it doesn't matter what the length of the activity is. It's like TomTom did not think to design a Delta sync. It's like it syncs everything all the time. There's no other explination for why it takes so long. My Garmin is like bluetooth on, BOOM. 5 seconds later it's done!